Seed Of Deception

by Power Beyond

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Seed Of Deception (Demo)


released November 28, 2016

Bruno Masulli; vocals, guitars, bass*
Fabio Parisi; drums
Carmine Cuomo; bass

Engineered by Mario Iaccarino
Edited, mixed and mastered by Carlo Di Gennaro
Artwork by Alfredo Mojo

Music and lyrics by Bruno Masulli

* on Conquest Of Mind



all rights reserved


Power Beyond Naples, Italy

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Track Name: Human Deceit
See beyond the ways of hypocrisy, eyes of useless ambiguity,
But you are involved!
Close into a world of inhumanity, distorted face of society,
You’re like being trapped!

Lies, useless words of compromise, you can easily realize a different world!
Behind the veils of pain, voices of disdain
Of those who have never achieved anything

Wasted life sentenced to futility
State of decay, what you don’t you’ll never see
Revelation of pain, wicked minds and human deceit
What are you looking for? Pieces of your reality

Hold your hand anyone that may never see, from the abyss of insanity, and below!
Looking for a paragon of innocence, reflections of your existence! You cannot stop!

Deception of life, silent world of jealousy
Voice of decay and eyes that see everything
Truth into lie, two sides of personality
Deviation of the soul, altered mentalities
Human deceit!

Impressions of your existence
Victim of egoism
Something still can have a sense
Try again, there’s a long way still to be done

Face of delusion slow down your ride but you walk your way
You don’t know what is beyond your destiny

Don’t get to influence you can’t waste your existence
Don’t stop when you know it’s the time to go fast

Can’t look down, but you can take a few steps back
Something that you have misunderstood

Search for the real truth, don’t judge by appearances

See beyond the ways of hypocrisy, unbreakable mask of misery, you will know
Close into a world of inhumanity, ambiguous thought of blasphemy and lies

Wasted life sentenced to futility
State of decay, what you don’t you’ll never see
Revelation of pain, wicked minds and human deceit
What are you looking for? Pieces of your reality
Human deceit
Human deceit
Track Name: Conquest Of Mind
Existence of free will
You are not alone, look into the emptiness
It is not time to stop, a long road lies ahead
Escape the mind, over the walls of the past
In search for a reason to feel alive again
Now are not alone dont blame yourself
Trust in you! Don’t be fooled, don’t feel defeated
Feed your mind, watching your steps of a new existence!

You are a preacher of silence
Rider of the storm, you fly among the obstacles
Hear the voice of the soul, you can change your reality
Don’t wait for another day, you can’t see the end
Feel the mind and soul the only way to find yourself
Make your destiny, leave the pain behind

It’s so real! What can you find?
Thoughts of reality
Raising your conquest of mind

Now you hear, voices from behind
Sound of eternity
Way to get conquest of mind

Existence of free will
Inside your head, inside your soul
Close your eyes, put all the strength you have
Dont look back, you can’t stop right now!
Reach the end what you know! Don’t feel the pain
Find a way to stay alive
Wait your turn, your time will come
Look around, have no fear to face reality
Track Name: Fading Breath, The Silent Thought
Look into your eyes, you can feel your breath!
Signs of versatility, words of a silent thoughts
Curtain is descending, leave the world behind
Live your memories, images of reflective perspectives

So far, so remote is the meaning of the life
Face of reality, learn from your mistakes
Thoughts are the seed of the words, of human destiny
Part of your existence, a real mosaic of your identity

Searching for reality, hear the voice of silence
Crossing the borders of fate, meeting yourself
Move away from the dark side, you will rise again
You can’t deny your failures, don’t hate your pain

Solitude, transparent wall of soul, fading breath of the silent thought
Wait for your life to begin through the endless ways of power
Fading breath of the silent thought
Follow the thoughts of life shadows of eternal fire

Crystal world of silence, visions of your dreams
Purposes of clarity, hopes of human life
Past is left behind, take control of you
Find your identity, calling of your silent thoughts